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Submitted on: Jul 04, 2017 at 11:59 PM
Race and Class
Night Elf Druid
Have you read our general rules?


Have you read and agree to our loot system?


What are you applying as?


How old are you?


Where are you from?


Are you able to communicate fluently in English, as well as use Discord App?


Previous Raid Experience (Retail and other private servers - any expansion)

A bit through retail up until WoTLK.

Raid availability - How much will you be able to attend? e.g.(50-60%)

40-60% of the time.

We require members to use the following addons: BigWigs, KTM and luna (healers). Which addons do you use for raiding?

With vanilla, zero. Open to using these.

Which Professions do you have? (Engineering for AQ40 is highly valued)

Skinning and Herbalism.

Which guilds have you been in on Nostalrius/Elysium so far? Why/how did you leave?

Cenarion Circle - My own guild but have no active members. Looking to get geared and enjoy end game raids.

Link a screenshot of your in game UI
Any additional comments or information you would like to add?

Keen to get involved and willing to learn. Open to advice and criticism. Still fairly new to druid class and healing. Played Warrior tank for years so a bit of a change. Have Discord.



Was in DM N with him last night, seemed to know what he is doing. A lot to improve though (talents, addons, keybinds, some prebis items like rings/trinkets).
Taking Kromits' advice last night, I have since re-skilled - 24/0/27. Rejigged my interface to be a little more user friendly.

I know have BigWigs, KTM, oRA2 and Luna - currently creating the appropriate marcos. Will be acquiring Decursive later as well.

Also doing what I can to get improved +H gear. A work in progress as you all know only too well.

Cheers for reading.

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