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Submitted on: Jun 11, 2017 at 08:20 PM
Race and Class
Human Warrior
Have you read our general rules?


Have you read and agree to our loot system?


What are you applying as?


How old are you?


Where are you from?


Are you able to communicate fluently in English, as well as use Discord App?


Previous Raid Experience (Retail and other private servers - any expansion)

Vanilla - cataclysm as prot warrior (80% MT)

Raid availability - How much will you be able to attend? e.g.(50-60%)

I always do my best to attend 100%, because as a Maintank in my previous guilds i had to be there so i learned how to manage my time.

We require members to use the following addons: BigWigs, KTM and luna (healers). Which addons do you use for raiding?

I have all of them.

Which Professions do you have? (Engineering for AQ40 is highly valued)

Engi / herb both 300

Which guilds have you been in on Nostalrius/Elysium so far? Why/how did you leave?

Death & Taxes, Chimaera, Theorycraft, Shift, INFAMOUS. All of them disbanded

Link a screenshot of your in game UI
Any additional comments or information you would like to add?

I have one quick question that can be discussed later in game. 8 months ago i got garrs binding in Chimaera and i still don't have luck with geddon one. I was thinking, since you guys dont do schelduled MC runs anymore, we could do quick 10 min geddon runs after main raid just to finish that thing up. I heard you already have a tank with thunderfury but having one more could benefit the raid greatly. I just feel bad leaving it "half way" there. Other than that i dont have any concerns, ive been playing prot warr for 12 years, ive played on old nost since day1 and i want to raid untill the end of expansion and even beyond if they deciede to release TBC at some point.



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