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BWL & AQ40 Preclear

Date: Jun 15, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Jaxors
Invites at 18:45. Meet in Stormwind.

Raid Leader: Chraa

If all assigned raiders are present prior to 19:00, the raid will start immediately with Head Buff and then porting to Ironforge. If the assigned members do not show up by 19:00, without notifying an officer directly, members from groups 9 and 10 may be invited. If no appropriate classes from groups 9 or 10 are available, any online member may be selected by the raid leaders. Fill-ins invited at 19:00 with buff to follow.
Tank (5)

16. Athigros Warrior

17. Tenarie Warrior

28. Yamille Warrior

35. Chraa Warrior

40. Polaris Warrior

Damage (29)

2. Xunzi Warlock

4. Niknik Warrior

5. DLXX Rogue

6. Knasig Rogue

7. Steppz Warlock

8. Bdc Mage

9. Dwamer Warrior

10. Terorista Rogue

11. Caty Warrior

12. Babaganushh Mage

13. Blairwulf Warrior

14. Zumbula Warlock

19. Cynic Warrior

20. Paqs Warlock

21. Kromit Hunter

22. Skutten Warlock

24. Ripjohnsnow Warrior

25. Connecting Warlock

26. Qwui Mage

27. Veslla Warrior

29. Velum Rogue

30. Bekhap Hunter

32. Noerlem Mage

33. Simonize Rogue

37. Cotska Warrior

41. Thoum Mage

M. Amstel Mage

M. Maint Rogue

M. Jumalvelho Mage

Support (10)

1. Sweps Paladin

3. Llarius Paladin

15. Tajfun Paladin

18. Lostizalith Priest

23. Jaxors Paladin

31. Coax Druid

34. Nature Druid

36. Gabbersmashr Priest

38. Fideus Paladin

39. Winteria Priest



I'm not sure if i'm gonna be busy this thursday, but if i'm not i'm gonna come
I can also bring my priest, should we need it and have enough tanks without me (which it looks like)
Just to add that Polaris is sick so he wont be able to attend.
Definitely not coming since my trip will start early.
Have to leave around 21:00 due to flight-departure

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