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BWL & AQ40 Preclear

Date: Jun 08, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Jaxors
Invites at 18:45. Meet in Stormwind.

Raid Leader: Chraa

If all assigned raiders are present prior to 19:00, the raid will start immediately with Head Buff and then porting to Ironforge. If the assigned members do not show up by 19:00, without notifying an officer directly, members from groups 9 and 10 may be invited. If no appropriate classes from groups 9 or 10 are available, any online member may be selected by the raid leaders. Fill-ins invited at 19:00 with buff to follow.
Tank (4)

15. Caty Warrior

18. Yamille Warrior

19. Chraa Warrior

27. Tenarie Warrior

Damage (25)

1. Qwui Mage

3. Cotska Warrior

4. Blairwulf Warrior

5. gracina Hunter

7. Velum Rogue

8. Cynic Warrior

9. Xunzi Warlock

10. Dhomden Mage

11. Dwamer Warrior

12. Skutten Warlock

13. Paqs Warlock

14. Zumbula Warlock

16. Babaganushh Mage

20. Ripjohnsnow Warrior

21. Bdc Mage

22. Pacer Warrior

23. Terorista Rogue

25. Noerlem Mage

26. Amoldypie Hunter

28. Bekhap Hunter

30. Tervel Paladin

32. Jumalvelho Mage

34. Xandarouz Rogue

35. Egg Priest

M. Braskovich Rogue

Support (9)

2. Lostizalith Priest

6. Carinna Priest

17. Llarius Paladin

24. Coax Druid

29. Merove Druid

31. Horin Paladin

33. Sweps Paladin

M. Nature Druid

M. Tajfun Paladin



Will try my best to make it as every time, but may have issues with schedule at work..
Changed from maybe to yes!
Have to set this one out
I will be on mini vacation in Boston at this time.
Most likely my GF is around and I can't attend. Surely Sunday back again and a little more active from tomorrow onward, because exams finish tomorrow.
Can't because of work schedule
I might be late, ill try to be on time
Working an afternoon shift, so I won't be able to attend this one.
I'll be there, but again, since i usually go out thu and fri, I might have to jet sooner than expected. Depends on when my mates are ready
I won't be able to attend this week due to my on-campus summer course starting and my mid-term being on this date. As a side note, I may be able to make it late to thursday's raids due to the on-campus class starting, the class ends at 11:30 my time, so I wouldn't be home until around 12:00~ and I believe these raids start around 12:00 my time. The class will end after the start of July I believe, then I don't know what my schedule will be like. :S
Maybe come after bwl. If you go mc or onyxia if you have a spot.

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