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BWL & AQ40 Preclear

Date: Jun 01, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Jaxors
Invites at 18:45. Meet in Stormwind.

Raid Leader: Chraa

If all assigned raiders are present prior to 19:00, the raid will start immediately with Head Buff and then porting to Ironforge. If the assigned members do not show up by 19:00, without notifying an officer directly, members from groups 9 and 10 may be invited. If no appropriate classes from groups 9 or 10 are available, any online member may be selected by the raid leaders. Fill-ins invited at 19:00 with buff to follow.
Tank (3)

23. Chraa Warrior

24. Yamille Warrior

27. Tenarie Warrior

Damage (23)

1. Veslla Warrior

2. gracina Hunter

3. Dwamer Warrior

5. Dhomden Mage

6. Velum Rogue

7. Deathzomb Mage

8. Paqs Warlock

9. Thoum Mage

10. Cynic Warrior

11. Noerlem Mage

14. Zeldigohonor Warrior

18. Babaganushh Mage

19. Connecting Warlock

22. Zumbula Warlock

26. Skutten Warlock

28. Xunzi Warlock

29. Terorista Rogue

30. Cotska Warrior

M. Simonize Rogue

M. Xandarouz Rogue

M. Jumalvelho Mage

M. Braskovich Rogue

M. Maint Rogue

Support (12)

4. Winteria Priest

12. Lostizalith Priest

13. Haugaard Priest

15. Llarius Paladin

16. Merove Druid

17. Chulus Priest

20. Horin Paladin

21. Shizik Druid

25. Coax Druid

31. Ifortify Priest

M. Tajfun Paladin

M. Skylisios Paladin



i can't come this day, since its my irl Birthday :)
Happy Bday m8 :D
I have scheduled a weather dependent archery outing with some friends for Wednesday, and if the weather is shit Wednesday, Thursday is the backup day. So if weather is shit on wednesday and good on thursday, I will be doing archery instead of this. Any other weather pattern and I will be here for raid so I'd say 75% chance I will be here.
Archery went well, but my grandpa asked me to help him load stuff he bought into a truck. The earliest I can be back from this is about 19:40 server time. I am logged outside of BWL and will raid if needed when I get back from this.
working from 2PM to 10PM this week so i will skip this raid
Will be able to attend the raid but might not be able to stay long due to Thu and Fri being my usual days to go out with friends.
I'll try to stay as long as possible, but MC might not be possible for me.
I might be late if im on basketball
I have dinner with the family meeting that day ,might join at the end of the BWL or for MC ,so its maybe for me :)
My work ends at 19:00 and will take a while to get home
Weekdays are very volatile for me,can't come to this raid
Change of my sheddules, I will be able to participate on this raid after all.
Might have dinner with GF, may be late..

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