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AQ40 Progression

Date: Jun 11, 2017 - switch instance
Time: 07:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Jaxors
Category: Raids
Invites at 18:45. Meet near ZG Island.
If all assigned raiders are present prior to 19:00, the raid will start immediately with Heart Buff and then hearthing to Silithus. If the assigned members do not show up by 19:00, without notifying an officer directly, members from groups 9 and 10 may be invited. If no appropriate classes from groups 9 or 10 are available, any online member may be selected by the raid leaders. Fill-ins invited at 19:00 with buff to follow.

Assignments are shown 24 hours before the raid:
Tank (4)

8. Caty Warrior

12. Yamille Warrior

21. Tenarie Warrior

35. Chraa Warrior

Damage (31)

2. Cynic Warrior

3. Dhomden Mage

4. Blairwulf Warrior

5. Paqs Warlock

6. Terorista Rogue

7. Skutten Warlock

10. Zeneca Hunter

11. Dwamer Warrior

13. Qwui Mage

14. Evilmossy Rogue

16. Cotska Warrior

17. Sharkness Rogue

18. Maint Rogue

19. Babaganushh Mage

20. Zumbula Warlock

22. Bdc Mage

23. Thoum Mage

24. Xunzi Warlock

25. Tervel Paladin

26. Amoldypie Hunter

31. Xandarouz Rogue

32. Culazo Rogue

33. Velum Rogue

34. Jumalvelho Mage

37. Ripjohnsnow Warrior

38. Pacer Warrior

39. Steppz Warlock

M. Connecting Warlock

M. Veslla Warrior

M. Amstel Mage

M. Egg Priest

Support (11)

1. Lostizalith Priest

9. Llarius Paladin

15. Jaxors Paladin

27. Sweps Paladin

28. Ifortify Priest

29. Macalister Priest

30. Haugaard Priest

36. Coax Druid

40. Jamers Paladin

41. Carinna Priest

M. Fideus Paladin



I will be on mini vacation in Boston at this time.
Won't be able to make it - doing some modeling :3

I am stil in Croatia, will be back late in saturday.
I will have some stuff to take care of when i get back so im not 100 % if i will be avaliable
maybe i wont make it on time, my nephew has a birthday, so if you need to bench some 1 from the mages i'm your man.
As I thought before, wont make it. I'll be in Novi Sad, modeling... Terrible when you're married :D
A crap I'm too late too sign up kek
Im late with the sign up too, ill be online if there is a need of heal
Might have to sit out anyway, sadly!

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